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Aprime's News

Posted by Aprime - May 8th, 2011

Last comment wins!!!!

Also: Subscribe!

Posted by Aprime - April 30th, 2011

You know the rules!

Posted by Aprime - April 13th, 2011

Posted by Aprime - March 27th, 2011

Or grime, this is more grime

Anywho, this is my friend.. he's made it on to SBTV
Show your support!

Posted by Aprime - January 16th, 2011

Whoever posts last in the Winner

You heard it here first!

Posted by Aprime - August 5th, 2009

Haven't submitted anything in nearly a year
I started to get to work on my new submission exactly a year ago..
And now its finished :O

What else shall I teach Y'all how to draw?

Posted by Aprime - March 5th, 2008

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It's really that simple

Posted by Aprime - February 24th, 2008

Can you name these newgrounds charactors

Wobbley guy: Jerry Jackson
Guy with big eyes: Salad Fingers
Yellow guy: Block Head
Blank and white guy: Tank Man
Cross face: Madness man aka (I fogot his name)
Green Jumper: Pico
Zombie: Xombie
Alien with guy: Alien Hominid

The rest i sadly dont no
When you say there name also discribe what they look like

Thanks NG

If you name all of them you will get credit in my next flash :P

Jerry Jackson, Strawberry Clock, Dad (Dad n me), Puppy (retarded animal babies), Dad's Son / Child etc. Salad fingers, Bitey, Tankman, Blockhead, Hank (Madness), Foamy, Dirge (Xombie), pico, Weebl (Weebl and Bob, Alien Hominid. Brian (Red Diamond Dragon Club), Bitey (water lollies).

Alfie I will credit you
Even though i got more results from this thred i made

Help please, name them all mwha

Posted by Aprime - February 8th, 2008

Hay ppl,

Its been while since i created something

but what "how to draw tutorial" should i make next

The winner will be in credit and there will be a link to their profile

Dont ask for something that i have already made

Ive made 7 so far

#8 you decide

Posted by Aprime - December 28th, 2007

Is my flash work the best in the world


btw check out my new flash