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Posted by Aprime - December 18th, 2018

Hey guys!

I'm creating a new game! It will be released before Christmas.

It's a Christmas game where you go around inviting lonely elderly people and bring them to a tea party. En route you can collect tea, christmas pudding, family pictures and letters.

The problem is, I don't have a name for the game!

I definitely want the name to be Christmas relevant and at the same time, be relevant to the game.

Best name wins!1308849_154516528351_christmasgame2018.png


A lot of interest here. Become a fan to get alerted when it's released!


Comments (28)

"A Holiday remembrance"
Yes a simple title i know but i think it may match.

Christmas Tea Party, Winter Tea Party or something

Earl-Time Givings (Play on words, Yule-tide)

Meet N Fuck: The Elderly

Christmas Pudding.

just call it "TEA"

Old Tea

"Oh, Christmas Tea" or "Yule Love Our Christmas Tea"

Because punny wordplay.

"A Cup's Memoir"

"The Great Christmas Tea Party"

"A Different Christmas"/"Carol" huehue

"An Old Cup of Serenity"

"Forgotten Ice" ... Perhaps a bit of stretch but the implication is that "forgotten" refers to the lonely elderly , and the ice to being" taken out" of the icy weather.

How about A Holiday Remebrance?
What about Christmas Tea Party? Winter Tea Party? Or something.
Earl-Time Givings? (Its a play on words, Yule-tide)
Old Tea? "Oh Christmas Tea!" . "Yule Love Our Christmas Tea"
because puns

"A Cup's Memoir"
"The Great Christmas Tea Party"
"A Different Christmas"/"Carol" lulz
"An Old Cup of Serenity"
"Forgotten Ice" maybe it's too confusing? Forgotten because the old people keep forgetting that there's so much ice outside so they stay outside for hours without even worrying about getting frost bites. Or you can just go with the obvious title "Christmas Pudding."

Or just call it TEA

@SpikeVallentine did you just copy paste all the suggestions xD?

@sinorigenart they definitely did

How About Tea for Christmas?
It's simple but effective.

"Tea Time" This deadass took me ten fucking minutes to come up with

"All I Want For Christmas is You".

Heart to Hearth?

A cup of the elderly.

A Teacup of Cheer

@sinorigenart Hahahah.Not really. If you pay close attention, I reword some things. But the titles are super plagerized. Look at "Forgotten Ice" the explanation for it, there are some slight differences.

Speaking of plagiarizing, I do have more suggestions for you. Like "How About Tea For Christmas"? If you ask me, it's simple, yet effective. Or maybe "Tea Time", that took me less than 10 minutes to come up with. If you want more there's "All I Want For Christmas Is You". How's "Heart To Hearth". "A Cup Of The Elderly", or perhaps A TEA CUP OF CHEER.
either way, it's your game, you can name it whatever you want.

Okay, here's a suggestion from me without ANY plagiarizing.

How about "Chicken Bawk Bawk" or "The Secret Files Of World War 1", hmmmmm, how about "How To Make A Cabin 101", how about "Building A Teddy Bear Simulator", or maybe "SIM CITY 7000", Hmmmmmmmmm…… "NEW GROUNDS: THE MACINTOSH VIDEO GAME" , "FAMILY WAR TIME", "BUBBLE GUM BUBBLE DROP", "SNIPER WARRIOR 2000", "The Lion, Wolf And THe Clown", "BUCK SHOT 5,000", "Super duper cool fun time", "
"The Farm Master", "Dr Eliot", "Sam", "Meat With A Side Of Meat" , "Veganism", "Dried Chicken Bones For My Pet Fish Sally And Her Pet Algae Robin." , "Rainbow Galaxy Deluxe", or you can just keep it simple and name it "T.E.A" which obviously stands for Terrorizing Elephants ASAP. And of course the ASAP stands for Apples Should Always Pe Eaten Daily To Keep All The Westernized Doctors Away. Because obviously the elderly people are sitting outside because elephants who entered their homes wont allow them to go back in their homes for winter since it's so cold, and the elephants don't want to freeze to death. Because if they do...never mind, you get the point.

You're welcome to use any of these titles as you wish. If you make a million dollars, then you can keep it all, just enjoy. :)

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