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DESIGNER? Want to help make a game? Anything you want

Posted by Aprime - 2 days ago

Ahoy! Aprime here.

I release at least one game a year. I'm currently working on a multiplayer game that I hope to release at some point next year. I'd like to release a game this year though.

It's 5 months before the year ends, and I quite like to make a small game.

The good news is, I'm not too fussed what we make, so we can pretty much go with your idea and I'll code it all. Again, nothing too big or crazy. I'll probably end up releasing it on Android too (as well as Newgrounds of course)

If you're an artist/designer, please drop a message below. My inbox is full :(


Comments (6)

You’re offering to do the grunt work of coding other people’s ideas? The forum members are gonna love you

That's very pessimistic, it's there in case people have ideas and want to bring them to life and they won't have to pay someone to code them. I just wanna build shit, I see it as a win win

A small, weird idea, but, what if you make a game similar to something like a bullet hell, yet combine it with those deathrun minigames?

So, gist of the idea is, like deathrun, there's those that'll have to survive it, and those that'll try and kill the survivors. But the 'bullet hell' function really comes to play with the 'traps'.
Maybe, have it set in a room of 'tests'? Maybe in a laboratory..?

I don't know, this is something I made in the drop of a hat, so.. can't say I'm fully confident on this being a good idea.

If it can make it up to you, I can sort of help with the artist category.

Actually I need your help me making a horror game

@BobbyBurt @Aprime I suppose it is pessimistic. Hope it works out for you and results in something cool!

Soy artista y mi idea es hacer un juego plataformeo que este mezclado con un estilo de fantasía y en algunas partes una aventura grfica o tipo dance dance revolution.
Para mi los escenarios deben ser una ciudad tipo newgrounds en el que todas sus mascotas aparezcan y sean npc o personjes jugables.
Solo se me ah ocurrido eso
Y si no crees que es buena idea lo comprendo ademas no me parece un juego total mente bueno
Todo depende si tu la aceptas y lo programas
Esa es mi idea.

hi i can do the art lol

email me please aprime.tk[at]gmail.com