Flash Game on Google Play Dilemma (Copyright)

2014-02-08 19:12:38 by Aprime

So... creating a Android game for Google play is relatively easy when you know how to use Flash.

I'm planning on turning my Flanders Killer game into an App for Google Play

The only problem is that it costs $25 (£15) to create an account.. which is a pain (They do it so it gets rid of spam).

Since my game is Simpsons based, it means I can't put ads on it... (I have seen Simpson games with ads).

I could sell it in the Google play and earn money that way, I reckon it would earn a good amount of money. (It's had 10,000,000 web sessions).

The thing is... like with adverts... it's probably not the best thing to do.. However so many people do it.

Look at the image below...


They're "getting away" with it... Shall I try this? Or is my case totally different?

Let me know what I should do? Thanks!


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2014-02-08 19:23:10

Well, you know a lot more than me but do what you think is best. If it feels right try it. But if you got a funny feeling about it still try it. lol

Aprime responds:

I'll probably avoid it. It's a shame it costs money to make an app for Google Play. I'll try the Amazon one first.


2014-02-08 19:38:43

Isn't their game just a trivia quiz thing?

It doesn't depict any likeness to The Simpsons characters or use any audio from the show. The closest those guys get to infringing on intellectual property is that stupid looking fucking doughnut.

Aprime responds:

Haha very true, good point!


2014-02-08 21:24:39

Even though it's a quiz it's still based on someone else's property and i think it's stupid to make money off that. People like starving artists (me) work hard on music or art or whatever while these thieves get away with stealing. It makes me mad. I wouldn't try making money of the game, even if you could make money with it, because it's wrong.

Aprime responds:

I reckon it's okay to make money off of the game as long as it's at a fair amount, the only thing you're using of someone else's property is their "images" which you are redrawing, reanimating, yourself. In fact, the majority of the work done, is my the creator of the game.
In regards to a quiz, the quiz would only be popular because it's based on a well known product, in which case... it shouldn't be charged for since it would not have been popular otherwise. I guess charging $0.20 wouldn't be that bad though.

I reckon it isn't as simple as yes or no, but more on fair percentages.

That being said, those who reupload videos made by other content creators, and earn money from that... that's bad. Because it's purely stealing content.


2014-02-09 06:47:21

You should try and work with an artist to create fresh art. If you sincerely think the reason download your game is because it is a truely fun game and not because its based on copyrighted characters that everyone has grown up on for the past two decades,then using original art shouldnt be an issue. Otherwise loooking for approval among others to try an monetize a game in any way that isnt a 100% yours by showing examples of individuals who have squeezed through the system making gains off of others,shows a distinct lack of moral character on your part.

Aprime responds:

No, I know people enjoy it because it's got copyrighted characters in it, that's why I continue to make it.

I don't think I will monetise it to be honest, it was just a little question.


2014-02-09 09:37:09

People pay money for trivia games? And as for selling your game, it's your choice between artistic credibility and profit.

Aprime responds:

Not selling the game, I never said that


2014-02-10 00:45:12

When in doubt, change the hair color, skin color, and names of everything.
"Gomer the Sanders killer"

Aprime responds:

What about Gomer Da Fanny Feeler


2014-02-16 12:36:22

You should make the characters slightly more orange and call them the Sampsons.

Aprime responds:

Maybe I should make them brown and call them Sanjsons


2014-03-05 15:52:49

Yes you did....
I could sell it in the Google play and earn money that way, I reckon it would earn a good amount of money. (It's had 10,000,000 web sessions).
^ um.

Aprime responds:

10,000,000 is correct.


2014-04-23 02:01:06

How is it easier to make a mobile game if you know how to use Flash? I've been teaching myself AS3 for a couple months now and was simultaneously going to start learning how to make Flash games for the mobile market within the next month.

I just finished my first little game and while it kinda blows (gotta start somewhere, right?) I was thinking it would make a better time-waster mobile game than a web browser game.

Any insight with learning to make mobile games with Flash would be much appreciated.

....man this ended up longer than I thought I should have just PM'd you haha xD

Aprime responds:

Not entirely sure what you mean.
You can create apps in Flash, so if you already know how to programme in AS3, you're sorted :D
You want to do air for android, and make sure it's the newest one.
You ideally need CS6 or higher, otherwise the users would need to download AIR separately to play you game on their mobile device.

So if you haven't started turning it into an app. Start with the dimensions and Publish settings and you should be good to go :D


2014-04-23 17:40:04

Sorry I wasn't clear but you still managed to answer my questions haha :) Only thing I'm unfamiliar with is Adobe Air and not know what dimensions to use when creating a game for a mobile device whether that be android or iOS. I'll have to play around with the publish settings inside Flash (CS6).

Aprime responds:

Yeah, when you go to new document, you can select the AIR template and it should give you the right dimensions :D


2014-04-23 18:49:11

Oh sweet! I can't believe that never crossed my mind haha So used to just choosing the default new actionscript 3 document. Last question I'll bug you with and then I'll figure out the rest on my own: with the AIR template can I still code in AS3? Like if I code a mouse click event listener will it work like a tap on the phone screen? Or do I have to code differently for mobile devices?

Aprime responds:

It codes exactly the same as AS3 :D
There is also code snippets you can access in the Windows tab - here you can get mobile gestures and mobile touch events :D


2014-04-23 20:09:00

Dude you're awesome! Thank you! :D To my knowledge there aren't many people here on the forums that dabble with making mobile games. I'll probably have to find another site that has forums where more people make mobile games so I can ask questions when I get stuck.

You got a new fan buddy. Looking forward to your future projects both mobile or otherwise.

Thanks again dude! :)

Aprime responds:

Cheers, become a fan on the right side of my profile! :D

You can ask me questions, but I honestly don't know that much xD


2014-04-23 21:18:19

Ok one more question....haha

I know you're working with Android but I would do iOS starting out just because I have an iPhone to test it with. So say I create an AIR template and make a game. What do I do with my completed swf file? Where do I go from here once it is done? How do I test it on a mobile device let alone figure out how to get it on the mobile market?

Aprime responds:

You plug in your phone and put the exported iOS android file on to your phone, then run it.
As for getting it in the market, iOS is a little harder than the Amazon Store or Google Play.

This will probably help


2014-04-24 06:07:51

Thanks a lot dude. I had no idea it was that easy to test your game on a mobile device. Thought there was more to it than just putting the file on your phone to test. I'll have to give it a try with a simple test project.

Really appreciate the link too dude. Might I ask why iOS s a little harder? I also had no clue what Google Play was or that you could sell apps on Amazon.

Aprime responds:

Amazon has an app store and works the same way as Google Play.
Both those stores are for Android though.
I think IOS is a little more strict about what content get's put on.
Amazons the easiest, and there's no fee to put apps on their store (fee reduces spam).