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Hey, it was either you or me making this game. So well done!

It's nice that you have to re-aim each time you shoot. My only gripe is you cannot use the whole game area to drag and aim and only bottom left - which took a while to figure out. You could have easily made it the whole screen, it would still be drag down to go up, so it doesn't line up your shot with the mouse.

Played this on my phone, and glad I did. Nice and simple for a mobile device.
It's nice that the only place the square fit in was a place that was better for it than all the alternatives

Cool game, shame it was so short though

Unique, and I actually completed it. So I've got that going for me, which is nice

Very impressively made in HTML5

Should have made it work with keyboard

Nice, take on it! I'd probably have made the throw and seperate key press than a release, but hey, it works.

GumpyFunction responds:

Cheers, I originally had the bin pickup as a simple button press but thought it would be cool if you hold 'z' just as Larry is holding the bin. Don't know whether its a better decision or not to be honest. Thanks for playing!

The font used for the top and bottom are different, usually okay, but now the 1 looks like a 7. It's a maths game, but you've gotta try to find the numbers too, which is an issue. Also, sometimes the random numbers at the top get repeated, filling up space.
Good game, unique. Well made. I'd suggest being able to type the number into the keyboard too.

ClarusGames responds:

Yes, that's true, I really appreciate your comment.

Literally took out my gaming mouse to play this, mainly because trackpad is too slow, but still!!
Nice game, very unique as far as I'm aware and it was fun to play :)

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