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2017-08-11 17:12:35 by Aprime

Round up, round up.

Beta test my game!

It has medals!!

Endless sidescroller. Who's interested?

So last Thursday, April 6th, Oney creator of Leo and Satan decided to do a let's play of some game I made.

Damn, that was shocking and a surreal experience.

Just taking a bus back from work and I get a FB message from a guy who went to my old school, telling me I've had Oney make a video on my game.

That's cool and awesome. Here's the video:

It's a nice insight into how people perceive my games, whether they're old or new, not just from Oney, Dingdong and Julian but from all the comments too.

The ending is amazing!


2017-03-13 14:29:30 by Aprime

Planning to release my game on Wednesday!

If you're interested in testing the game before it goes live and trying to get all the medals, let me know!


Who's gonna be my lucky 300th fan?

2017-02-14 15:30:57 by Aprime

Will it be you?


Escape the Waiting Room, Hockey Dad (Simpsons), Knights' Rescue

Special Thanks to -

300th: JK-FlipFlop

Well that ended fast. Pretty sure this post was up for a minute.


2016-12-31 11:41:27 by Aprime

Hey guys, I've created a new game!

For the first time, I've decided to work with others for the production of the game. I didn't just use to code, but also did the Art and Animation (or lack there of).

I've been fortunate enough to work with really great people on this project.

Please check out the game here. Let me know what you think. I'll still be updating it.


YOUR IDEAS! Quick Feedback [GAME]

2016-11-19 16:57:45 by Aprime

So I'm creating this game. It's a platformer/JRPG type game.

The main character is randomly generated from various different combinations of hair, accessories, shields, etc.

The user starts on the left, and the enemy is on the right


Orginally, I was going to have it the other way around by having the main character on the right and after defeating the Lion the brick wall blows up and the main character can walk towards the door.

However, that's going to be quite hard now, since the Lion's back isn't against the brick wall.


After the fight, I'd like that brick wall to get blown up for whatever reason. So far, I can only think of something a little odd such as the Lion giving the user some bombs.

I don't know... Give me your crazy and serious ideas :D

New Game - On Popular List!

2014-07-16 19:18:20 by Aprime

Managed to get my game in the "Popular" section for the second time this year. I've only uploaded 2 games this year, so I'm going strong with 100%


Play it here


FRONT PAGE - Review Crew Pick - Most Popular

2014-05-12 18:26:33 by Aprime

Currently... my game is the most popular game of the week.

I realise that these are of different dates and some were submitted after mine... but today, I'm at the top of the list!

That's pretty awesome!

Click here to play it and win some awesome medals



Review Crew Pick May 14th!



What does that mean? They review crew gave it a reward? Or I received a lot of reviews? Or.... What? I don't understand Lol. Thanks :D




Righttttt......... so

Mochimedia is down and I need an alternative for the leaderboard system.

There's Newgrounds yes, but you need to be logged in to submit your score... unfortunately.

Are there are good leaderboard systems like Mochimedia about? That are free?

I've done Googling, found nothing but one... which required you to pay.


AS2 or AS3 or both

So... creating a Android game for Google play is relatively easy when you know how to use Flash.

I'm planning on turning my Flanders Killer game into an App for Google Play

The only problem is that it costs $25 (£15) to create an account.. which is a pain (They do it so it gets rid of spam).

Since my game is Simpsons based, it means I can't put ads on it... (I have seen Simpson games with ads).

I could sell it in the Google play and earn money that way, I reckon it would earn a good amount of money. (It's had 10,000,000 web sessions).

The thing is... like with adverts... it's probably not the best thing to do.. However so many people do it.

Look at the image below...


They're "getting away" with it... Shall I try this? Or is my case totally different?

Let me know what I should do? Thanks!