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Aprime's News

Posted by Aprime - May 1st, 2014

Righttttt......... so

Mochimedia is down and I need an alternative for the leaderboard system.

There's Newgrounds yes, but you need to be logged in to submit your score... unfortunately.

Are there are good leaderboard systems like Mochimedia about? That are free?

I've done Googling, found nothing but one... which required you to pay.


AS2 or AS3 or both

Posted by Aprime - February 8th, 2014

So... creating a Android game for Google play is relatively easy when you know how to use Flash.

I'm planning on turning my Flanders Killer game into an App for Google Play

The only problem is that it costs $25 (£15) to create an account.. which is a pain (They do it so it gets rid of spam).

Since my game is Simpsons based, it means I can't put ads on it... (I have seen Simpson games with ads).

I could sell it in the Google play and earn money that way, I reckon it would earn a good amount of money. (It's had 10,000,000 web sessions).

The thing is... like with adverts... it's probably not the best thing to do.. However so many people do it.

Look at the image below...


They're "getting away" with it... Shall I try this? Or is my case totally different?

Let me know what I should do? Thanks!

Posted by Aprime - November 27th, 2013

I can't get on Newgrounds unless I'm on Internet Explorer. That's when you know sh*ts gone done!

Help, every time I go on it I get this!! (Look at picture)

I need to get rid of it, it keeps redirecting me. I've tried Hijackthis and all sorts.. I've even looked in add and remove and nothing weird is there!

Help me get rid of this??


HELP! I can't get on Newgrounds!!

Posted by Aprime - November 18th, 2013

Please let me know what font this is?

It's very bizarre. I think it's a bland font which has been morphed using CSS.

Here's the link to the page I found it on


In the case that it is CSS modified font, do you guys know a font which looks like it?
(Notice it's circles to make the letters)


Also, I'd post this in the forums, but none of the topics really seem to cover this kinda stuff.


Update, thanks guys!
I actually managed to find it via the CSS before people started posting it.
I'm using the font to create an advert for them for my University project.

It doesn't actually go live, or anything.

Font Expert? What font is this? Please

Posted by Aprime - June 6th, 2013

Please let me know what you think of my art work.
I've only uploaded two to the portal at the moment.

Homer Simpson
Johnny Utah type cartoon version of me

Both of which were drawn in Flash, so I think they're pretty good for Flash drawn pictures

Posted by Aprime - May 14th, 2013

If you can do the voice of Homer Simpson, you can be in my game!

Homer the Flanders Killer has had 2.7 million sessions on the 5th Version and over 2 million on the 4th.

I don't make money for making these games, so you won't get paid.. But you'd contribute to a popular game!

Let me know!

Update: ebolaworld for voice acting as Homer

Posted by Aprime - July 8th, 2012


I'm partnered with Machinima and I wanted to see what type of questions the people of Newgrounds would ask.
Your question could get featured in the next video!

I'm also working on Homer The Flanders Killer 6, for those interested :)

Posted by Aprime - January 25th, 2012

LOOOL, someone post this on Redit please, I would if I actually knew how to use it

Posted by Aprime - January 8th, 2012

I've tried to research the definition, I've been through many sites
All of which state really long definitions with complicated sentence structures and include more words of which I do not know the definitions for.

Could anyone give a nice explanation to what post modernism is?

Would be soooooo helpful

Cheers! xD

Posted by Aprime - December 1st, 2011

Please let me know what font they used for the Titanic font
I believe it's already on the computer and I don't think it is Times New Roman

HELP! What font is this please?